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I only work with women ♥


If you have questions, please email me at


Spiritually Excellent
14-Week Program

My Spiritually Excellent Program was created to help Spiritual women overcome their painful past so they can become a High-Vibed, Empowered Empath and Live a Soul-Aligned life full of Passion, Purpose, and Joy ♡


By teaching you ALL the Mindset Workings you need to know to unlock endless Spiritual Growth for the rest of your life! ♡ You'll learn how to discover all your limiting beliefs + release them once & for all! That, accompanied with bi-weekly Energy Healing for quick Vibrational Upgrades, is the Key to Glowing Up! 😜

And you'll receive your very own SOUL PURPOSE Reading (channelled from your Higher Self) so you can finally gain clarity on your soul mission and start living a purpose-filled, passionate life today!

The BONUS Curriculum includes Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 Training and Certification, so you'll become a Certified Energy Healer too!



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Channelled Spirit Guide

Psychic Reading

Need advice from your Spirit Guides?

Or maybe you just really want to connect and Discover your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Higher Self but you just don't know how?


In these sessions, I am the channel/ bridge of communication between your Spirit guides, Angels, and YOU! Let's get the answers to your questions that you've really been needing today! See what divine guidance you'll gain from your beautiful divine team! 

$55 for 50 min Psychic Channeling.


This will not be a LIVE Zoom Meeting. The chanelled answers will be delivered to you in PDF format via email within 24 hours of your reading due date.

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Energy Healing Sessions

Ready to feel more Joy, Ease, and Confidence in your life?

Energy Healing Sessions help you dissolve your limiting beliefs, energy blocks, old stories, and emotions that no longer serve you. You can always expect to feel Rejuvenated, Empowered, and Peaceful after every Energy Healing Session.


I am trained in over 20 different energy code modalities to Enhance your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. 

You can come to a session with your own specific, targeted areas of desired improvement, or we can tune in with your spirit guides + angels to see what could be released and improved for you.

60 min —$80 USD

40 min - $65 USD

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