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Meet your
Spiritual Awakening Coach Irene

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About Irene

Irene Aura is a SoCal based Spiritual Awakening Coach + Energy healer. For 20 years until she was 24 years old, she experienced extreme trauma + emotional pains that left her suicidal and self destructive. But in 2019, her Spiritual Awakening changed her life for the better - forever.


After her Spiritual Awakening saved her from the depths of despair, she has continued to experience joy + passion for life like she's never felt before. Now she's on a mission to help other Spiritual Awakeners like you Transform + Rebirth a new lifestyle + a happier, more Aligned you ♡

Through her Signature 5D Program - Inner Light Ascension Program, she helps Spiritually Awakening women release the pain and subconscious beliefs that keep them stuck so they can Raise their Vibration and rebuild a Ridiculously Amazing life full of Joy, Purpose, and Bliss! 

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