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Sweet Soul,

2024 is the year the year for you to be the Brightest, most FULFILLED, and most ALIGNED version of yourself. 

It's time to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, Healing, & Soul Illumination to help you Master the Art of Spiritual growth & Expansion for Life. It's time for you to Glow the f Up . 


Stop playing small, move on from your past, discover your true soul purpose, and reignite the light within you. it's time to love the life that you live, 

why wait?

like you, I've been through a lot.

In fact, I was a train wreck.  My inner demons told me that I was broken and incurable; they told me I’d never revive from years of bullying, social anxiety, abuse, painful family trauma, BPD, PTSD, and more… and boy did I believe it.  I felt doomed, hopeless, and suicidal beyond belief.


Yet as miserable as I felt, I never gave up on myself, as much as I desperately wanted to.

Indeed, it was my Spiritual Awakening that led me into a profound healing journey, in which I drew upon my emotional resilience and self-healing powers to shed the darkness within me. 

I had to face every facet of my traumatic past with self-compassion and acceptance. I had to learn to love the parts of myself that felt the most unlovable. I had to grow through everything I had gone through.

In less than 8 months, I went from crying every day to living my soul purpose as a Spiritual Healer! Through my extensive inner work, I transmuted my deep-rooted shame & plethora of emotional wounds to Rediscover My Strengths, Reclaim my Inner Light, and Align to my Soul Purpose. 

Now here I am today, feeling more confident, inspired, and alive than ever before!  People tell me I’m glowing, that I’m full of life, and that I’m completely unrecognizable.  I surprise people with the way I am constantly shifting and evolving, even today! Cause Spiritual Growth never ends!

You probably don't believe that a Transformation LIKE THIS is in the books for you… But I know that you are MEANT to move on from your past and create a SOULFUL TRANSFORMATION for yourself, just like me! And I'm here to guide you.

After overcoming my dark past, it became CRYSTAL CLEAR to me that my soul's mission is to guide Heart-Centered, Intuitive women who are ready to take this life-changing Spiritual leap, as I have, to transcend their painful past and move forward with joy, freedom, and purpose I do this by allowing you to enter a soft healing portal of depth, truth, and light for your Spiritual Glow Up... 

It uplifts me to support Soulful Women who are ready to take their POWER back and live a life of true Happiness, Purpose, and Fulfillment - life after the Awakening. 

You're here right now because your soul is urging you to make a positive shift forward.  You're ready to do better now that you know better.  You're ready to contribute to the collective change in the world, starting with yourself.  You're ready to ASCEND!

Ascension is about deepening your Self-Awareness, cultivating more Spiritual Wisdom, and Mastering Spiritual Practices that help you Maintain your Highest Vibration.  Ascension is about prioritizing your Peace, Joy, and Love for life.  

Ascension is not about having complete control over your external circumstances or only seeing things positively.  Ascension is about clearing the beliefs that keep you small, Rediscovering Your Strengths, Discovering a Meaningful & Fulfilling Existence, and knowing that Setbacks are Meant to be Overcome Gracefully. 

It's time for you to look within, RECLAIM YOUR INNER LIGHT, welcome an ASCENDED version of yourself.


It's time to reach a state of unconditional self-acceptance and self-love that radiates outward, inspiring everyone around you. 

It's time to EXPERIENCE love for life like you've never before!

EVERY ounce of your being is ready to UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL

But HOW? 


How do you shift from being limited by your past to constantly Expanding and Growing in ALL areas of your life?


My SPIRITUALLY EXCELLENT PROGRAM was created specifically to help spiritual women overcome their painful past so that they can become a become a High-Vibed, Empowered Empath and Live a

Soul-Aligned Life full of Passion, Purpose, SPIRITUAL GIFTS, and JOY♡


First, I teach you ALL the Mindset Workings you need to know to unlock endless Spiritual Growth
for the rest of your life
 I created 10 workbooks to help you master the Inner work (Shadow work, Inner Child Healing, Rewriting Limiting Beliefs,) Improve your Intuition, Maintain your Highest Frequency, and Learn all the Spiritual Teachings I have to share.


You will receive quick Vibrational Upgrades every week through Energy Healing.

We will discover your Soul Purpose, Activate your Spiritual Gifts, and discover your past lives.


Spiritually Excellent?

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A Premier Starseed Ascension Program for the Spiritual Woman to overcome her painful past so she can become a High-Vibed, Empowered Empath and Live a Soul-Aligned life full of Joy, Purpose, and Bliss ♡

Transform your Frequency, Shift into Soul Alignment, Discover your Soul Purpose, Activate your Spiritual Gifts!

Program Starts whenever you are ready

In this program, you will...

  • Elevate your vibration to a new and ASCENDED level and naturally Shift into Alignment

  • Gain clarity on your Soul Purpose and clear what’s holding you back from pursuing it 

  • Cultivate more self-awareness, self-compassion, and genuine appreciation for life

  • Learn multiple techniques to free yourself from any emotional crisis that you face moving forward 

  • Activate your LIGHT BODY by utilizing channelled light codes to help you transform at a CELLULAR level

  • Connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels with more clarity and ease 

  • Break free from Past Life limitations that are still affecting you through Past Life Healing

  • Be guided by me to forgive yourself and set yourself free from the past once and for all 

  • Awaken to new ways of living with more intention, happiness, and love than EVER BEFORE, inspiring everyone around you

  • Overcome your insecurities, triggers, and fears through Ego Alchemy and Shadow Work 

  • Discover how to work with your sensitivities as an advantage rather than an inconvenience

  • Become Reiki Certified so that you have the training to perform Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing on yourself and loved ones at any time

  • Identify and clear your Abundance Blockages so that you can RECEIVE the BLESSINGS you deserve

  • Learn how to Tune Into Your Intuition and trust its accuracy 

  • Discover how to MAINTAIN your highest, MOST VIBRANT and Exuberant Energetic Frequency 

  • Master the Confidence to respectfully Communicate Boundaries to ANYONE

  • Feel your life improving in all areas because you're just SO Aligned! 

  • Gain the tools to CONTINUOUSLY reach new levels of expansion and ASCENSION independently, even after our journey together

  • Find out what your Spiritual Gifts are, and how to use them 

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Picture this Transformation for yourself

  • Feeling unsure of what exact steps to take next on your Spiritual Journey   ➜  Receiving Clear Roadmap to your Spiritual Ascension and feeling a Vibrational shift everyday. 

  • Being held back by & stuck ruminating over your past experiences    ➜   Forgiving the past with compassion & being LIT UP by your NEW passions + hobbies with excitement & inspiration! 

  • Lower in vibration, carrying doubts, insecurities, shame about yourself   ➜  Knowing how to do the Inner Work to release limiting beliefs so that you can constantly become a BETTER VERSION of yourself in every way 

  • People-pleasing tendencies & Being afraid to speak your needs   ➜   Confidently communicating boundaries effectively & affectionately to everyone, knowing that your Meeds are the most important

  • Believing you are alone and unsupported   ➜   Knowing you are divinely supported and Having the tools to connect to your Spirit guides, Angels, and Higher Self

  • Feeling vulnerable, sensitive, and overly emotional   ➜  Having several tools for emotional healing, with the techniques to MAINTAIN your NEW, High Vibration

  • Experiencing anxiety & lack of self-trust in decision-making   ➜   Allowing your INTUITION to guide your decisions with more ease and clarity

  • Feeling unfulfilled and directionless in life   ➜   Gaining crystal clarity on your Soul Purpose and knowing how to fulfill it, along with knowing your Spiritual Gifts

  • Having a lack mindset   ➜  Feeling abundant, in turn attracting more abundance.

Program Overview

Here's What you get:

  • 14 weeks of Spiritual Life Coaching — Consistent Weekly Support + Integration on your Spiritual Journey

  • A Soul Purpose Reading — Blending Astrology & Channeling from your Higher Self, you will receive an emailed reading detailing your Soul's Purpose so you can gain clarity + start to take action.

  • LIFETIME Access to my 10 workbooks, tools for emotional healing, and techniques to help you along your Spiritual Journey!

Inner Child Healing

The Shadow Work Process

Future Self Journaling

Emotions + Emotional Self Care

Communicating Effective Boundaries

Clearing Abundance Blockages & Manifesting more Money

Spirit Guides, Psychic Abilities, and Light Codes

Self Discovery Workbook

Navigate Any Funk Journal Prompts

56 Ways to Shift + Maintain Your Highest Vibration

and more1

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  • 1 Oracle Card Reading + 1 Psychic Channelled Reading

  • 2 Past Life Gift Activations

  • To be FULLY seen, understood, and supported by your Starseed Ascension Coach on a week-to-week basis

  • Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 Training, Attunement, & Certification so that you can utilize Energy Healing for Self Healing, Chakra Balancing, Manifesting, and for loved ones

  • CHANNELLED Light Language transmissions to help you rapidly SHIFT your energetic blockages so you can Ascend quickly (Lifetime Access!!) 

  • Relief that you have a Spiritual Coach to confide in about anything each week in a space that is a Safe, Judgement-free Zone

  • Private Email support (Mon - Friday 8-5pm) outside of our sessions

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monthly Payment plans are available!


Your Spiritual Glow Up & Transformation Begins Now

A chance encounter online brought Irene into my life, and I can’t thank my lucky stars enough! A harbinger of solace and light, Irene has provided me with reassurance and guidance during my spiritual journey, and Im so grateful for her healing hand. She possesses such a pure radiance that instantly puts me at ease, reinvigorating my faith during times of doubt. Highly recommend, an actual angel!

- Tahnee, from New Zealand

Irene is a fantastic healer! her warm and inviting energy made me feel comfortable and safe. she really tuned into my energy and used guided meditation to tap into my own healing power. she has a strong connection to source and i could feel her healing energy flow right to my problem area. she helped me greatly! i definitely recommend seeking spiritual healing from irene. she is a gifted & talented healer :)

- Sydney, Florida


I was lucky enough to find Irene from Facebook. During my spiritual healing session with her, she guided me through the processes and targeted my desired areas of healing.  After our session I felt like the veil lifted and I could see everything with clear eyes again. I’ve been feeling happy, inspired, and light since our session. I feel like I had some much needed healing that Irene helped me get through. 

- Brittany

Upgrade Your Spiritual Journey

program summary

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PRICE: Book a Discovery Call to find out
(We offer Payment Plan Options)

Monthly Payment plans available!


Apply Now to Learn More

The Spiritual Ascension Journey

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There comes a time when your personal suffering and regret is enough. That time is NOW.

It’s time to RISE UP and AWAKEN to your potential to live a truly Magical, Abundant AND SPIRITUALLY ALIGNED life.

Living a life full of passion, inspiration, and joy is a natural Result of Ascension. This is the life after awakening, the byproduct of fulfilling the inner work along your Spiritual Awakening Journey.

Deciding to commit to your spiritual growth is the first step towards ascension. Once you shift into alignment by doing the healing work, you can then unlock new levels of
Ascension for yourself moving forward - which means you can discover all your spiritual gifts and unlock your psychic abilities. 

I coach Spiritual women who don't want to stay limited by their past and are READY become a Conscious Woman with Emotional Integrity, strong BOUNDARIES, and a profound sense of PURPOSE + Joy.

I Coach Starseeds who want to become a New Earth Later.

It all begins when you DECIDE that you're ready to take your DIVINE DESTINY into your own hands

This is a choice, Sweet Soul. 

It's time to live with more Intention, Self-love, Freedom, and Spirituality than ever! I know that you're more than ready.

ALL YOUR LIGHT IS WAITING FOR YOU... It's time to transform and evolve!

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