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the Spiritually Excellent Program
for Starseeds, Empaths, and Earth Angels

A 14 week Intensive 1:1 Journey for Starseeds, Empaths, and Earth Angels to overcome their emotional struggles and traumatic experiences so they can Discover their Spiritual Gifts, Align to their Soul Purpose, and Embark on a Journey towards their Highest Frequency Timeline — a Life full of Passion, Purpose, and Joy ♡

How will this program help me?

By teaching you ALL the Mindset Workings you need to know to unlock endless Spiritual Growth for the rest of your life AND sharing all the spiritual wisdom I've gained including channelling light codes, psychic abilities, and clearing abundance blockages. I have created over 10 workbooks to help you master your Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, and Rewriting Limiting Beliefs, as well as how to Maintain your Spiritual Wellness and your Highest Vibration. ♡ I've included tons of spiritual tools for daily use and quick ascension. All of this, accompanied with weekly Energy Healing for quick Vibrational Upgrades, is the Key to Glowing Up! 😜

You'll receive your very own SOUL PURPOSE Reading (channelled from your Higher Self) so you can finally gain clarity on your soul mission and start living a purpose-filled, passionate life today!

PLUS you'll discover your new Spiritual Gifts and psychic abilities! 🔥🔥

The BONUS Curriculum includes Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 Training and Certification, so you'll become a Certified Energy Healer too!



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