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Distance Reiki Sessions


Reiki is Japanese energy healing modality that can provide energetic healing on all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic.  Although reiki is primarily transferred through hands-on touch, it can also be sent at a distance, which makes it very convenient for virtual & distance healing sessions.  All healing sessions are held via Zoom.


Natural Benefits of Reiki: 

  • Increases daily energy levels

  • Cleanses the entire Chakra System

  • Balances of mood & emotions

  • Promotes natural healing

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, & blood pressure

  • Adapts to recipients' needs 

  • Reduces pain and increased pain management

  • Helps improve quality of sleep 

  • Removes energetic blockages

A distance reiki session can target a specific pain area, certain chakras, or the intention can be as general as an overall energetic healing and recharge.  All healing sessions are held virtually via Zoom. 



Please click the "Book" button below, and you'll be directed to my booking page. Times shown in this page automatically show me availabilities based on your timezone.

After booking a session, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the Google Meet link to our appointment together, as well as the appointment date + details. 

30-min Distance Reiki - $70

30-min Distance Reiki healing session for Chakra Balancing, energetic recharge, and energetic alignment. You are welcome to provide a desired intention to be included.

How to prepare for a distance reiki session

Please find yourself in a quiet, relaxing space to maximize the results from the reiki session.  I would suggest for you to be in your bedroom or another space that you find relaxing. Join the Zoom meeting through the link I provide. 

I will send you a follow-up email, which summarizes the energetic work from our session, shortly after the session ends.   


Reiki session with Irene was wonderful!! It totally exceeded my expectations. I felt a gentle steady pressure on my palms, like a stream of energy flowing into me up my arms. My skin felt tingly and I felt like I was lighter, buoyant even. It left me with a clearer mind, feeling very hopeful for the future. So grateful!!

I had a distance reiki session with Irene this afternoon and I feel so good after a 20 minute session and not even being in the same room. Intention and energy is so powerful and amazing. Grateful for Irene and her work!

Such a nice reiki session long distance with Irene today. I felt much needed peace and calming energy. At one point I felt like I was floating. Such a nice treat!

Even MY HAIR feels better after a distance reiki session! lol

I received DISTANCE REIKI & had an AMAZING experience! I felt great immediately after words. I literally felt the energy from a far during the session.  It was warm & a fuzzy like sensation on most of my chakra' s & hands. I am feeling more relaxed & stress free still! Thank you so much! I'll definitely be booking more sessions in the future!  Have a great day! Talk to you soon!

Thank you for the reiki session last night! ❤️✨

I haven’t had anxiety since you’ve done it lol

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