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Spirituality Is Not One Size Fits All

Many people are introduced to spirituality as their last resort during a period of tough emotional strife, which is actually rather great. The case is that spirituality is a heavily esoteric topic that the general public does not engage with too much. In fact much, of the public would probably cringe at the universal beliefs in which the Universe provides the right thing for you at exactly the right time.

The fundamental principle of spirituality is to keep your faith in your journey because everything happens for a reason. In summary, you will be rewarded for any trials that you overcome and that everyone should keep their actions and thoughts pure and high vibrational. Spiritual beliefs teach that your external reality reflects your inner reality and emphasizes the nourishment of your inner world, which matters the most because everything starts with YOU.

At the end of the day, everyone practices spirituality differently. Being spiritual is not about having all the crystals, reading daily horoscopes, consistent meditation, or practicing perfect yoga poses. Living a spiritual life is not about drinking the perfect tea and remaining positive 24/7. It is about doing and believing in what makes you feel authentically you at the soul level. It's about doing things that bring you genuine joy and that help you remain grounded and balanced.

I hope you find your own version of spirituality, whatever nourishes you in any and every way possible!

A post from 01-03-2020

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