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Lions Gate 8/8 Portal

Everything You Need to Know 🦁

What is significant about today?

  • Our Earth is in cosmic alignment with the Sirius star system, creating a cosmic alignment on 8/8 of each year 💫 

  • This highly spiritual alignment creates a greater shift for our manifestations to come into alignment in the 3-D 😎

  • The veil between realms is thinner than today, so don't be surprised if you encounter more mystical experiences 🐉

  • The Sun in Leo is in the its powerful point of the year, bringing in energies of vitality, nobility, charisma, and courage 🔥

  • The double 8 brings in extra abundance frequencies 💚

  • These energies will last until 8/12, but peak today 8/8 ✨

  • It's THE IDEAL day to make quantum shifts! 💯

What to expect?

  • You may be feeling more ascension symptoms, and know that you're not alone. The collective is going through this mass energetic shift with you, especially with the most recent Full Moon in Aquarius on 8/3/2020 🌠

  • Increased intuition 🦋

  • More magical synchronicities 🌌

  • Animals show up more 🐯 

  • Feeling more passion & motivation 😌

  • Intense acceleration 🎇

  • More repeating numbers 💜

  • Extra support from your guides 🧚🏼‍♀️

What to do? 

Take advantage of the Lions Gate Portal to manifest and set bold intentions - it's a magical time.⚜️ 💜Love always, Irene 🦄 Don't forget that if you ever need extra support and a healing, I'm here for you & you can reach out to me! 💕     

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