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A Mystical Synchronicity

In January of this year, I read a book that taught me that if I desired a change, I could meditate under an oak tree and ask for what I wanted. For some reason, this really spoke to me.

Being a Los Angeles native, I had no idea where I could find an oak tree specifically. So I did what everyone does when they have a question - I Googled it. Through Google Maps, I located an oak tree in a park, or so I thought, called the Oak Woodland, a convenient 35 minutes drive away from home. My soul felt a strong urge for the new change I had in mind after a tough workweek as a bookkeeper. I had even passed by a hotel named “Oak Tree Hotel” on one of those weekdays as well - clearly it was a sign that I had to go ASAP!

As soon as I woke up early on Saturday morning, I Googled-mapped my way to the place I had found. My intuition told me that I wasn’t supposed to be disturbing the beautiful, wealthy residential houses when I got there. So I called upon my spirit guides to help me and looked at Google Maps again. To my surprise, this 'Oak Woodland' was actually a part of a huge public garden where people could visit and where movies have been filmed.

I was led to the front of the public garden, excited to find the Oak Trees that had been calling for me. Synchronistically, the day that I went was a Saturday that offered FREE entrance! The entrance fee is usually $15 and only free every third Tuesday of the month. My spirit’s urge guided me there that specific day - I had absolutely no idea that it was a public garden at all!! I felt so blessed, fascinated, amazed, and completely thrilled!

This beautiful and natural synchronicity is among the many that I continue to receive, and I felt so connected to the fairy and nature spirits at the Oak Woodland area. I meditated to some beautiful heart chakra music there and it was as if Spirit gave me some serene time there alone for 10 minutes. I felt beyond happy and grateful; I felt so divinely guided and protected.

Since then, I have followed my soul’s urge and desires even more. Truly following my heart’s desires has led me to joy that I never imagined possible again. I trust that inner voice more, knowing it will lead me to the right place. 2020 has been a wondrous and mystical year - it is the year that I consider my beautiful rebirth. I’ve never felt more lucky to exist.

I would say my spiritual awakening first knocked quietly on my door in October of 2018. October of 2019 was when a massive awakening shook my world, changing everything that I had known, or thought I knew. My reality has never been the same.

My life today is now full of synchronicities much like the one I shared today. I no longer silence the voice within me. It's an amazing thing to experience that nothing is a coincidence firsthand.

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