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Hey there, I'm Irene!

My Healing Expertise lies in these Spiritual Healing modalities:













& more!

As someone who has worked through 25 years of limiting beliefs, traumas, and insecurities, I have tons of experience and passion for my soul mission. It is my heart's joy to be able to help my clients overcome their deep pains, insecurities, and fears so they feel Happier + more Empowered moving forward. I hold a safe healing space for each of my clients to reflect on their past so they can Transform their Wounds into Wisdom.

By incorporating my professional healing arts expertise, the wisdom from my own life experiences, and my intuitive gifts, I help my clients heal the root of their issues that can range from inner child wounds to past-life experiences. And then we move forward to helping you find happiness on your spiritual journey. That can look like taking intriguing spiritual courses, discovering your Soul Purpose, moving, and finding different passions in life.

Once the core root of the issue is clearly identified, fully acknowledged, and completely understood, then Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Healing can take place.

We go through things to grow through them. I teach about Self-compassion,

Forgiveness, Emotional resilience, and Inner work Mastery (Shadow Work, Limiting Beliefs, Inner Child Healing, Managing Emotions)

 We are a match if you...

  • Are going through a Spiritual Awakening + want to increase your vibration and happiness.

  • Want to gain Spiritual wisdom and Expand your Consciousness

  • Desire a complete Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Wellness Upgrade! 

  • Are seeking to discover Joy + Love for life

  • Want to replace your self-doubt with Confidence & Empowerment

  • Experienced any level of trauma recently or any time ago 

  • Struggle with low energy levels, or feel stuck in your life and want to Enhance your Energy Levels & Happiness

  • Are curious about your past lives  

  • Need help releasing your past so you can move forward with grace, positivity, and love for life

  • Have tried traditional psychological approaches, but are not seeing your desired changes

  • Want to discover your Soul Purpose and start living a purpose-filled, passionate life

About my Spiritual Journey...

I had used to lived in a state of complete misery every single day. The never-ending harsh trauma that I experienced within my family laid the foundation for my feelings of brokenness, which left me in emotional agony for ages. I was in middle school when I wrote my first suicide letters. Beginning in these tender years, depression and suffering became all I knew. It took me 10 years to understand that what I had experienced as a child is considered sexual abuse by a former stepparent. On top of that, I never seemed to fit in with my peers. I felt that no one loved me - not my friends, nor my family, so why should I? I absolutely loathed my entire existence. For the longest time, the only type of confidence I had was in the fact that I could never live in any other way; the only plan I had for my future was to not have one at all.

Forever torturing myself over my past, I was in so much pain that I self-destructed with substance abuse, tattoos, self harm, and so on. But it was during these dark years that I developed a whole lot of emotional resilience and inner strength.  I fought and persisted, never allowing myself to fully give up - as much as I desperately wanted to. Luckily, my Spiritual Awakening quite literally saved my life in 2019.

I really never imagined that I could ever experience any happiness or positivity again, but I'm happy to say that I've fully reclaimed my inner light, found inner peace, rediscovered my strengths, and cultivated true Self-love ♡Through the acceptance of my traumatic experiences, my deep self-introspection, and my conscious efforts to better myself, I've learned to love all parts of myself that I once saw unlovable. And now I am happier and more grateful than I could ever have imagined 💗 


And as I let go of all that no longer served me - those limiting beliefs, years of negative self-talk, false identity, and deep-rooted shame - I started to align with my divine soul purpose more and more.

Discovering my mission to guide, & empower others has been both enlightening and fulfilling.

After I discovered my Soul Purpose in 2020, I've followed my heart's truest desires to study various healing modalities. And I love that I am constantly expanding my spiritual healing skillsets in new + exciting ways. 

The people that I work with tend to be proactive in their healing journey. I love to help my clients release old patterns, conditioned beliefs, and past experiences so that they can feel more confident + joyful in the present. I always use my intuitive abilities, personal life experiences, and my training as a Priestess of Light to coach my clients through their healing journey. Many of my clients find themselves feeling much lighter and more empowered after working with me.  

I act as a conduit of sacred healing energies from the higher dimensions. I work with several of my past life guides who have given me powerful light codes to heal the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies quickly + potently. I work with the Seraphims, Dragons, Angels, Archangels, Elementals, Arcturians, Lyrans, Mermaids, Fairies, Venusians, Atlanteans, and etc.

Fun Facts

Sun Sign: Leo

Rising Sign: Cancer

Moon Sign: Cancer


Enneagram: 1

Human Design: Generator

As someone who went through 12 different therapists until I found the right one, I understand the gift of having someone who truly understands your struggles and journey to guide you, which is what I am here to do.  I am here to serve as a reminder that anyone can heal and live their BEST life, no matter how horrific those experiences were. I am here to guide you through your Spiritual Glow Up + Life Transformation! 🌟

In my free time, I love to express myself through soulful writing + artistic projects. I live in SoCal and enjoy spending time with my precious fur baby. Creativity has always been a natural talent of mine. And I will always be a fiercely independent, lifelong learner.

"A chance encounter online brought Irene into my life, and I can’t thank my lucky stars enough! A harbinger of solace and light, Irene has provided me with reassurance and guidance during my spiritual journey, and Im so grateful for her healing hand. She possesses such a pure radiance that instantly puts me at ease, reinvigorating my faith during times of doubt. Highly recommend, an actual angel!"​

- Tahnee W.


Experience personal transformation in a private session with me. 

I can help you shift from..

  • Being prone to anxiety, self-doubt, and past rumination to healing your worries, moving on from the past, & Reclaiming Your POWER

  • Feeling overwhelmed and confused on your Spiritual Awakening Journey to receiving newfound Spiritual Insights + Advice specific to your Journey

  • Suffering from the effects of childhood trauma to embodying more Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Understanding for the past, ultimately making peace with them.

  • Endlessly ruminating over the past to Being Lit up by your new passions, your Soul Purpose, and a renewed sense of Joy for Life.

  • Unconsciously carrying emotions in your body to identifying the related issue to heal + release

  • Repeating the same emotional triggers & patterns to Consciously choosing to respond in a New and Evolved manner

  • Experiencing chronic exhaustion and stress to feeling more passionate, energized, and fulfilled in your everyday life

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Professional Credentials:

Reiki Shoden - Reeta Hernes. USA 2020

Reiki Okuden - Reeta Hernes. USA 2020

Reiki Shinpiden - Reiki Master - Reeta Hernes. USA 2020 

Priestess of Light - New Earth Alchemists Academy. USA 2020

Bringers of Light (Light Language Training Program) - New Earth Alchemists Academy. USA 2021

Wingmakers Seraphim Light Codes - New Earth Alchemists Academy. USA 2022

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