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Accelerate Your Ascension

Email Coaching

Coaching Emails

Email Coaching is the same as video coaching.

Whether it is a spiritual awakening issue you need help navigating, or you just simply need some life advice, I can provide advice and share my knowledge with you. Get a professional opinion from me, your Spiritual Awakening Coach + bestie, and ask your deepest questions about life + ALL things spiritual 😍

In addition to answering your questions relevant to the topics listed below, I can also assist you in making decisions + resolving life issues. You'll have my full attention and we can discuss how you can Activate your 5D Frequency too! ♡

Each Coaching Email will address every single one of your concerns. The length of the reading can range from a few paragraphs to a full page depending on what you need help on. These readings will never be shorter than two paragraphs. I'm here to help you become Spiritually advanced and I'm here support you in ALL areas of your life! 🙌✨


*You cannot ask about your past lives in these emails. New past life readings are coming soon! 

Email Coaching is for

  • Finding out how to Activate your 5D Frequency

  • Gaining spiritual life advice unique to the personal circumstances you are facing right now

  • Receiving guidance on how to deepen your Spiritual Awakening specific to your journey or area of interest

  • Learning more about crystals, past lives, shadow work, and all Spiritual Topics listed below

  • Receiving Insight, advice, clarity, and answers to All your spiritual questions

Topics that we can discuss together:

Topics can range from crystals, past lives, vibrations, releasing the ego, ascension, Spiritual awakening, Ascension symptoms, Angel numbers, Synchronicities, Dark Night of the Soul, Shifting into Soul Alignment, Traumatic past experiences, Soulmates, Astrology, Oracle cards/ tarot cards, divine timing, manifestation rituals, energetic hygiene, energetic release rituals, 5D Consciousness, starseed traits, affirmations, Moon phases, Chakra healing, Starseed gifts, Psychic skills and Clair Abilities, Intuition, Empathy, mastering empath boundaries, social anxiety, How to do shadow work, childhood trauma, How to do the Inner work + Heal, attachment styles, spirit guides, angels and Archangels, automatic writing, ascended masters, higher self, spirit animals, soul purpose, light body, meditation, channeling, inner child, self-confidence, anxiety, self-respect, myer-briggs personality type, self-respect, light language, letting go of past -friends, old identity, light codes, ayuverdic doshas,


*Disclaimer: I am in no way a "certified expert" on the topics listed above, but I can share all that I do know about these topics :)

Booking a Coaching Email

Ready for spiritual guidance with me as your coach + mentor?! 💗 How often you need a coaching email is completely up to you - such as every week, every few weeks, everyday.

All Coaching Emails will be delivered to you via email by the end of your appointment time that you have chosen, unless otherwise specified.  Zoom meetings will not be required for email readings, as these are email readings.  All times shown on my readings + email coaching booking page should automatically reflect my availabilities based on your exact location + time-zone. 

Email Coaching 

1 email - $25 USD

3 emails - $69 USD

5 emails - $105 USD

10 emails - $200 USD

Full month of unlimited emails - $350 USD


If you have questions, email me at Hello@IreneAura.comIf none of the shown appointment times work with your availability, please send me an email so I can arrange a separate appointment time that suits your schedule for our work together.


"A chance encounter online brought Irene into my life, and I can’t thank my lucky stars enough! A harbinger of solace and light, Irene has provided me with reassurance and guidance during my spiritual journey, and Im so grateful for her healing hand. She possesses such a pure radiance that instantly puts me at ease, reinvigorating my faith during times of doubt. Highly recommend, an actual angel!

- Tahnee 

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