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in 3-Month &
6-Month Journeys

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embark on a transformative journey of HEAling, self-discovery, and

soul illumination to help you rapidly ascend & facilitate continuous Spiritual Expansion

Awaken to these truths...

Truth #1 — you are MEANT TO SHINE.

Truth #2 — you can HEAL & OVERCOME ANYTHING! 

Truth #3 - We are meant to grow through what we go through

“Like a phoenix rising, from the darkest shallow pits, we transmute it to the light.”


transformative ✧ ASCENSION PROGRAM 



The truth is that you DESERVE to live more vibrantly than you ever imagined after ALL that you’ve been through…

I know that it’s been A LOT, because I’ve been there myself. 

I know what it feels like to feel completely robbed of joy.  I was stuck in the past with immense shame and regret, as if it was an eternal life-sentence, for which I was punishing myself endlessly.  Up until a few years ago, I was still ashamed and regretful over my past, as if the past was my eternal life-sentence.  

Because from my own experience, there is NOTHING that can’t  be overcome… And if I can transmute any experience, anyone else can too. And I'm here to help.

My inner demons told me that I was broken, incurable, and horrible; they told me I’d never revive from years of bullying, social anxiety, child sexual abuse, painful family trauma, BPD, PTSD, anxiety attacks, and more… and boy did I believe it.


At last/Finally, I was catapulted into Rapid Ascension as a result of my spiritual awakening, which led me to shed the darkness that I still held within me. Sick of feeling horrible, I had to silence the self-defeating voice in my head that was telling me I couldn’t move on, that I would be permanently defined by my past. 

It was through my extensive inner work and Rapid Ascension Journey that I transmuted my deep-rooted shame to Rediscover My Strengths, Reclaim my Inner Light, and Align to my Soul Purpose. 

Now here I am today, more confident, JOYFUL, POSITIVE, and inspired than ever! People tell me I’m glowing, that I’m full of life, and that I’m completely unrecognizable. 

Through my ascension journey, it became crystal clear to me that I’m meant to guide Heart-Centered, Intuitive women to move past their pain and transcend the past, by holding space for them to softly enter a healing portal of depth, truth, and light... 


My purpose is to serve as a guiding light for other souls going through this Spiritual Awakening journey because let’s face it… Spiritual Awakenings are not always rainbows and unicorns, as much as we wish they were (because unicorns are awesome).  


It fulfills me to guide people out of the deepest depths of their pain, to transmute the past into loving lessons and wisdom, and to consciously evolve into a better version of themselves continuously. 

If you’re like me, you wouldn’t believe that a transformation LIKE THIS is in the books for you… But I know that you are MEANT to shed the past to make a SOULFUL TRANSFORMATION for yourself, just as I have.


Because there is NOTHING that can’t be overcome… (Truth #2) 


Deep down, you know that you're not meant to be bound by the shackles of your past. In fact, you're SO ready to move on...

Having awakened to the 3 truths above, it’s time for your Ascension...


Ascension begins when you DECIDE that you want to

    ... become a better person

    ... rise above the traumas and painful past that you’ve faced

    ... stop the cycles (patterns) that no longer serve you

    ... believe differently about yourself and the world around you

    ... stop feeling stuck, and feel bliss, passion, and inspiration instead

    ... clear the limitations to free yourself from what you were bound to

    … constantly up-level your consciousness and existence


You’ve had enough of the pain and you're beyond ready to commit to your mindset, spiritual growth, and ascension journey today.


It's time to leave the past in the past and move forward with clarity, inspiration, and excitement as the Empowered leader of your life.


Being an Empowered Woman is not about having complete control over your external circumstances. An Empowered woman surrenders to the magic of life, knowing that minor setbacks are meant to be overcome gracefully. An Empowered woman embodies self-love, unconditional self-acceptance, emotional integrity, and unshakable emotional resilience.

When you step up as the confident leader of your life, you benefit not just yourself, but those around you too! 


You’ve SO READY to open up new possibilities, to transcend your past limitations, to unlock a new version of yourself, and to discover your true potential. 


Yes, It's time to take your divine destiny in your own hands!!


But How?


How do you shift from being defined by your past to constantly reaching NEW HEIGHTS in all areas of your life with ease?


The Inner Light Ascension Program was created specifically to help awakening women shed their past limitations, step into their empowerment, and accelerate their ascension journey with the tools to facilitate continuous and ongoing spiritual expansion for themselves. 


Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 11.44.20 AM.png

A Premier Ascension Program for Awakening Women to Transmute Old Timelines, Reclaim their Inner Light, and Consciously Create a New Version of themselves & their reality! 

facilitate rapid ascension, soulful transformation, continuous expansion, And shift into alignment!

In this program, you will...

  • Elevate your vibration to a new and ASCENDED level and naturally shift into more alignment

  • Cultivate more self-awareness, self-compassion, and genuine appreciation for life

  • Learn multiple techniques to free yourself any emotional crisis that you face moving forward 

  • Activate your LIGHT BODY by utilizing channeled light codes to help you ascend

  • Connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels with clarity and ease 

  • Breakfree from past life limitations that are still affecting you through Past Life Healing

  • Be guided by me to forgive yourself and set yourself free from the past once and for all 

  • Awaken to new ways of living with more intention, joy, and love than EVER BEFORE, inspiring everyone around you

  • Transmute your mental limitations and emotional pain through Ego Alchemy and Shadow Work 

  • Cut the cords to false beliefs, insecurities, and old patterns AND Release attachments to your painful past to Reclaim your Inner Light, Joy, and Confidence

  • Discover how to work with your sensitivities as an advantage rather than an inconvenience

  • Become Reiki Certified so that you can perform Energy Healing on yourself and loved ones at any time

  • Gain clarity on your Soul Purpose and clear what’s holding you back from pursuing it 

  • Learn how to Tune Into Your Intuition and trust it more

  • Watch your manifestations SPEED UP because you're just SO Aligned!

  • Discover how to MAINTAIN your highest, MOST VIBRANT and exuberant energetic frequency 

  • Master the ability to respectfully Communicate Boundaries to ANYONE because you are prioritizing and honoring your own energy

  • Gain the tools to CONTINUOUSLY reach new levels of expansion and ASCENSION even after our journey together

Picture this 6-month Transformation for yourself

  • Shift from feeling confused amid spiritual awakening to confidently navigating any curveball that the Universe throws at you with confidence

  • Stuck in shame and regret over the past to having several tools for emotional healing + techniques to maintain your new, high vibration

  • Feeling restricted by your past to constantly reaching NEW HEIGHTS for yourself in EVERY aspect of your life

  • Feeling doubtful and insecure about yourself to knowing how to release blockages so you can constantly become a BETTER VERSION of yourself in every way

  • Experiencing disconnect and lack of self-trust to INCREASED intuitive awareness and support by your connection with your divine light team


Your Ascension & Transformation Begins Now

Weekly overview

What you get:

  • 12 or 24 weeks of Ascension Coaching with me

  • Reiki Training, Attunement, & Certification so that you utilize Energy Healing beyond just yourself 

  • 10% discount for All Future Reiki/ Healing Sessions with me

  • LIFETIME Access to my weekly assignments, tools for emotional healing, and worksheets to help you along this ascension journey!

  • Relief that you have a spiritual coach/ teacher/ guide to confide in about anything each week

  • Consistent weekly support and Integration with me - your Accountability Partner

  • Private Email support Mon-Fri 9-5pm outside of our sessions

  • To feel FULLY seen, understood, supported by your Spiritual Ascension Coach for the next 6 months

  • A spiritual bestie, cheerleader, guide, Reiki teacher, & healer all in One! :)

  • A WELCOME GIFT! - A 110 Page Notebook personally designed by me to help you journal your NEWFOUND insights

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monthly Payment plans are available!

It's not about becoming perfect; it's about being ready to embrace growth.  

It's time for you to look within, RECLAIM YOUR INNER LIGHT, welcome an ASCENDED version of yourself.


It's time to reach a state of unconditional self-acceptance and self-love that radiates outward, inspiring everyone around you. 


You're ready to stop looking back and take your Divine Destiny in your own hands! 


Apply Now to Learn More

Upgrade Your Ascension Journey

Compare the 3-month & 6-month programs


3 Month Program


6 Month Program

We'll Be Meeting

12 Weekly Coaching Sessions for 3 Months

24 Weekly Coaching Sessions for 6 Months

LIFETIME Access to my worksheets, tools, & techniques

10% off ALL future Private Sessions (excluding programs/ readings)

Private Email Support Mon-Fri 9-5 pm

Reiki 1 Certification

($79 VALUE)

Reiki 2 Certification

($89 VALUE)

Welcome Gift -
My "Aligned" Journal 

($12 VALUE)

monthly Payment plans are available!

You've been through a lot. You've learned, you've grown, and you've changed. You've had enough of the pain.


It's time to let go of the version of you that feels you won’t ever be good enough to step into a more EVOLVED version where you KNOW that nothing is too good for you - you can have it all!

Ascension begins when you DECIDE that you're READY to welcome the new & ascended version of yourself with grace, curiosity, and excitement!

I guide Heart-Centered women to become a Conscious Woman with Emotional Integrity, strong BOUNDARIES, and a profound sense of PURPOSE + joy. I help people remember that life is meant to be fun, magical, and joyful.


It all begins when you DECIDE you want to make a POSITIVE SHIFT. 

It’s time to Reclaim Your Inner Light & Ascend, make a positive shift & inspire everyone around you!


It’s time to step up and awaken your true potential to live a truly magical, abundant AND ALIGNED existence.

Achieve new levels of self-love, self-awareness that inspires everyone a

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