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I currently work with only women ♡


Energy Healing Sessions

Want to Raise Your Vibration and Live a more Joyous life?

Energy Healing Sessions are meant to Empower you, increase your self-love, and Activate your next level of Spiritual Growth by clearing your limiting beliefs, old stories, blockages, and emotions.

The intention is to Raise your Vibration and enhance your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

60 min — $130 USD

3 sessions package ($390 value) — $350 USD

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Inner Light 
Ascension Program

A Premier 5D Ascension Coaching program for the Spiritually Awakening Woman to release her emotional pains and subconscious beliefs that keep her stuck, so she can Raise her Vibration and Rebuild a ridiculously Amazing life full of Joy, Purpose, and Bliss ♡

The goal is to help you Shift into Soul Alignment and 5D Frequency through energy healing + spiritual coaching. You will master the ALL tools to facilitate continuous and ongoing spiritual expansion for yourself independently, even after our journey together.

Available in 3-month & 6-month journeys!

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Email coaching is exactly like video coaching. 

1 email - $25 USD

3 emails - $69 USD

5 emails - $105 USD

10 emails - $200 USD

Full month of unlimited

email coaching - $350 USD 

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Email Coaching


The Ascension Package

Invest in your Spiritual Awakening journey with this fun package! 


2 x 60 min Energy Healing

Sessions = $260

2 x 60 min Spiritual Life Coaching Session = $250

total value : $510

price you pay: $475


Soul Purpose Reading

Discover your soul's mission with this intuitively channeled + Astrological Analysis of your personal Natal Birth Chart. 

$92 USD


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Distance Reiki Sessions

Want to recharge yourself and align your chakras at the comfort of your own home? Distance reiki sessions can heal your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, ultimately leaving you feeling renewed + realigned.

30 minutes — $70 USD

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Receive an oracle card reading that includes detailed and specific messages you need to hear from your spirit guides and angels right now.

$45 USD

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Divine Messages fromYour Spirit Guides


 Have a heart-to-heart with Irene to see how she can help you make your desired changes  ♡


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Stay Tuned ♡


More Coming Soon!

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