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I'm a Spiritual Awakening Coach and an Energy Healer.

Growing up, I experienced endless traumatic experiences - with both friends and family - that left me utterly broken. The only plan I had for my future was to not have one at all. Luckily in 2019, my Spiritual Awakening forced me to look within and face every part of myself that I had despised, so I could transmute my pain into self-power.


After mastering the inner work - the Soul Alchemy work - I have continued to experience Happiness and Joy like I've never before. 😍 Life is simply breathtaking + pure magic.

And now I'm on a mission to help Spiritual women like you overcome their painful past so they can Reclaim your Happiness and Live a Ridiculously Amazing life full of Joy, Purpose, and Bliss! 

For any inquiries, please email ♡

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A 16 week Immersive journey for Spiritually Awakened Women to overcome the emotional pains and regrets from her past so they can become a High-Vibed, Empowered Empath and Live a Soul-Aligned Life full of Passion, Purpose, and Joy ♡


It's Time for your
Spiritual Glow Up


when you're ready to...

✧  Evolve into your Best Self

✧  Constantly Expand your Consciousness

✧  Live in Alignment with Abundance, Purpose, & Joy

✧  Rise above the traumas and painful past that you’ve faced

✧  Stop feeling stuck, and feel Passion, Fulfillment, and Purpose instead


Client Testimonials


"Irene is a fantastic healer! Her warm and inviting energy made me feel comfortable and safe. She really tuned into my energy and used guided meditation to tap into my own healing power. She has a strong connection to source and I could feel her healing energy flow right to my problem area. She helped me greatly! I definitely recommend seeking spiritual healing from Irene. She is a gifted and talented healer :)"


"A chance encounter online brought Irene into my life, and I can't thank my lucky stars enough! A harbinger of solace and light, Irene has provided me with reassurance and guidance during my spiritual journey, and I am so grateful for her healing hand. She possesses such a pure radiance that instantly puts me at ease, reinvigorating my faith during times of doubt. Highly recommend, an actual angel!"


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A Guide to Chakra
Healing at Home

Discover how to Activate, Heal, and Balance ALL 7 of your Chakras at Home so you can Enhance your Spiritual Wellness today!

This Online Course includes Lifetime Access to a 28 Page Chakra Healing Guide + Over 2 hours of Chakra Balancing Healing Videos for you to use whenever you need a boost in Chakra Alignment!

Improve your Spiritual Knowledge, Self-Healing Powers, and become your own Master Healer today!

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